Saturday, July 28, 2012

New News in the World of Happy Tree Friends!

What's up guys? Since this is my first blog...ever...I wanted to start this one off with a little info about me, so you know that I'm not a psychopathic serial killer (...wait wouldn't a seriel killer lie about that? Oh well...). OK so, I am 12 years old and I'm sure a lot of you (this is my first blog so I don't know how many "a lot" of you readers care about this or not)don't like kids on the internet, but I'm very mature for my age. Now if you happened to glance at my username, you could take a guess and say I love Happy Tree Friends. You'd be right! Now this show isn't recommended for kids under the age of 12, but I've been watching this show since I was 8, and I am not mentally scarred for life. I'm not sure what makes people love or hate this show, but I do have plenty of friends who are either 1) Scared of me 2) Has nightmares 3) Or thanks me for introducing them to the show (you're welcome). I am seriously obsessed with the show that even my best friends wonder if I'm drawing Flippy all over my walls (I'm not!)... I do keep a sketch notebook filled with Flippy anime, though. Here's some news for you guys: HTF is making a new episode soon! I check on the MondoMedia blog almost every day, so when I found the 'Random Acts Of Silence' Sneak Peek, I was so excited!It's going to kill me inside until I'm able to watch it! And the last picture almost made me cry with joy. If you're familiar with the show and Flippy's in the know something's gonna go down. I just like keeping fans up-to-date with new information about the show! If you're one of the people who's NEVER even HEARD of Happy Tree Friends, check it out on Youtube (my favorite episode is the 'Double Whammy' and 'Autopsy Turvy', basically a 4-part episode) or the official website iTunes also has 32 short episodes for free (I don't mean to sound like a spammer, but I'm just letting you guys know). I guess it's about time to wrap it up! I'll make sure I let ypu guys in on any new news in the future! ~Person Who's NOT a psychopathic murderer